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DEC. 14, 8:00pm -
directed by Santiago Caicedo
+ Award Winning Animated Shorts
by Santiago Caicedo

Paola was born in a traditional Colombian family, or at least that is what they try to be. The father is a priest, the mother is a “psychic” and the sisters are not what their parents expect. She is a young Latin American woman struggling for her independence in a hard context full of stereotypes and appearances and not being able to fit in any mold. With a unique feminine vision of the world this girl has to learn to live while she lives as she witnesses a series of small crises that shape her personality. 


Timbo Estudio presents an adaptation of the Graphic Novel Virus Tropical by Powerpaola Directed by Santiago Caicedo.

Santiago Caicedo is a Colombian filmmaker that has a keen eye for detail. His films are meticulous and have received numerous international awards at festivals around the world including the global audience award in SXSW. His shorts also have been granted with awards in the 6th and 8th LA 3D Movie Festivals. He lives in Bogotá and works as director of Timbo Estudio where he directs and produces films, children's series, short films and live shows that involve animation content. 


The program will include the following 3D shorts:



Downtown Independent

251 S. Main Street

Los Angeles, CA 90012  (map)

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