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In June 2011, free-climbing pros Alexander and
Thomas Huber – who rank among the best
extreme climbers in the world – set their sights
on a treacherously steep route in the Tyrolean
Alps: the south wall of the Loferer Alm on
the fabled “Karma” route. A new project was
born, and ZDF documented the demanding
preparations and heart-pounding ascent of
the two Bavarian brothers. For the first time
ever, ZDF shot the film both in 2D and 3D (as
well as in HD) – which marks the beginning
of a new era for ZDF.

Dynamism and precision, self-confidence and
concentration, incredible strength and the
100-percent control of one’s body – this is
what you need for extreme climbing. And
this is what the Huber Brothers have more
than enough of! After conquering various personal
challenges in the past years, the free-climbing superstarshave regained their powers and are proud to be the subjectsof the first ZDF 3D project.


For this historical event, the brothers chose an incredibly
steep wall in the Alps which they were unable to scale without falls up to now, and which is part of what is perhaps themost difficult route in the Alps, the “Karma” route. Their exciting climb is captured with breathtaking immediacy on 3D by a complex interplay of eight different camera systems including mini-cameras used by extreme cinematographers Max Reichel and Franz Hinterbrandner. Also in use was an “octocopter,” a remote-controlled miniature chopper with 16 motors and eight tiny cameras mounted on eight arms.

“The shoot was ten times as tough, five times as long and three times as expensive as a normal shoot,” says director Jens Monath, “but when you see the results, you say ‘Wow! I want to do this again!’” The program has already won several awards at international film festivals and will continue to spellbind viewers both in 2D and 3D as one of the first mountain films of its kind!

SUNDAY DEC. 17, 7pm - Closing Movie Event
Downtown Independent, Los Angeles  $15
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