A Short Film for Memorial Day


Filmed in 3-D by Tom Koester at the Planes of Fame Air Show in 2004, this film documents stories of the WWII B-17 "Flying Fortress" bomber plane, and the men who flew in them. This film is dedicated to all those whose unselfish sacrifice has kept us safe. Presented in side-by-side format for 3DTVs, and red/cyan anaglyph for computers and handheld devices.

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To celebrate National 3-D Day in March 2021, we launched a virtual tour of our recent exhibit "Not Just a Kid's Toy."


Even though the museum is still closed to visitors, you can visit the 3-D SPACE gallery from the safety of your computer, phone, tablet, or VR headset.

Explore the room, and click on targets to watch videos about the exhibit.

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3-D SPACE's museum gallery in Los Angeles. Affectionately called the "3-D Bunker," our center is a public space for stereoscopic art, science, and history. We are utilizing the gallery to rotate between exhibiting pieces from our museum collection, displaying contemporary works by 3-D image makers, and holding classes and presentations.


Located in the historic Alvarado Arts Building at 1200 N. Alvarado Street in Echo Park, 3-D SPACE is directly underneath the Echo Park Film Center. Entrance is down the alleyway to the right of the barbershop and around the back of the building.

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