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is comprised of a team with strong backgrounds in the arts, non-profits and museums, and of course 3-D:

CEO/President Eric Kurland

Has over ten years of experience in connecting the public to the 3-D community. His work as the Director of the Annual LA 3-D Movie Festival and as the former President of the LA 3-D Club, as well as his professional stereoscopic work in the entertainment industry (including 3-D Director for the Grammy nominated OK Go music video ALL IS NOT LOST, and Lead Stereographer for the Oscar nominated animated short MAGGIE SIMPSON IN THE LONGEST DAYCARE) puts 3-D SPACE in the position to be able to bring all aspects of the 3-D world together.

CFO/Secretary Lawrence Kaufman

Has served as Chairman of the National Stereoscopic Association and President of the International Stereoscopic Union


J. Claire Dean

Object and art conservator, maker, stereophotographer. Vice Chair, Board of Directors at 3D Center of Art and Photography, Portland, Oregon.


Christopher Schneberger

Artist, photographer, founding member of Perspective Gallery, a non-profit gallery of photography in Evanston, Illinois, where he also serves on the Board of Directors.


Ronald F. Kriesel

Retired Deputy Director of Oregon Agricultural Statistics Service, USDA; Photography Instructor at Woodburn Art Center; Chair, Board of Directors at 3D Center of Art and Photography, Portland, Oregon.

Jeff Amaral

A long time member of the LA 3-D Club, Jeff is also the writer/producer of two award-winning short 3D films, and brings both a creative and technical passion to 3D filmmaking. As a part of the 3ality Technica team that made history with the first live Stereoscopic 3D-TV Transmission, Jeff has traveled the world to launch the first S3D Broadcasts in 5 countries. As the 3D Camera Systems Supervisor for feature films such as The Amazing Spiderman, The Great Gatsby, and XMEN-Days of Future Past,  Jeff has helped pioneer the use of Red Epic and Arri Alexa Cameras for live action stereo imaging. A hollywood filmmaker and stereography enthusiast, Jeff is thrilled to be helping 3D SPACE advance the art and science of Stereoscopy for future generations.

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