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CITY OF STEM/LA Maker Faire 2023 LINKS

Take your own 3-D Photo with any phone


All you need to take a 3-D photo is any camera and a subject that isn't moving.

A stereoscopic picture is actually made from two images - one from a left point-of-view and one from a right point-of-view. When you see the left image in your left eye and the right image in your right eye, you brain fuses the two into a single view, and interprets the parallax differences as depth.


To make your own 3-D photo, download one of these apps, take a left picture and right picture, and then choose how you want to view them, right on your phone screen!




3dsteroid pro (paid version)



i3dsteroid basic

i3dsteroid (paid version)

Did you take a 3-d photo at the City of STEM festival? email it to us at

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